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Track Listings:

Track 01: An excerpt from a Corporate Promotion for Pilkington Glass, 'The Chairman's Final Statement'.

Track 02: Designed as a loop for a computer games company, it demonstrates our ability to capture live instrumentation alongside synthesized sound. We have access to a large pool of musicians who can supply musical styles from bazouki to live drums , percussion, classical piano, electric guitar and even sitar!

Track 03: Written for the documentary 'Florida - The Sun Shine State'. Investigating the rise in crime statistics.

Track 04: 'Rolfe's Animal Hair Dressers' is a bit of a departure from the norm but is geared towards Animation and Kids TV.

Track 05: A BAA commercial along the lines of the 'Pink Panther' without being to close, was heavily edited along the way. We do endeavour to in-corporate some changes without further charge, however major revision does incur further studio costs.

Tracks 06 and 07: 'The Lions Share' are both based around two tribes of lions, the Morus and the Barafus with their own distinctive themes. Track 06 identifies the two Tribes. Track 07 is the 'Chase and Kill' sequence.

Track 08: written for Paul Smith's 'The Facts of Life' for ABC. This track again features live drums for a 'sting' where the contestant has lost everything he/she was playing for!

Track 09: written for the film 'After Death' - a very poignant film and I hope a sympathetic score.

Listening You can listen to each of these tracks by selecting them from the playlist in the Music Player on the right.

Below you will find a selection of example tracks which show some of the range of styles that can be achieved with composition in Media Music.
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About The Composer

Dave Robinson (Dip. Music Media) began to play the Piano at four years old and then also learnt Drums and Percussion at a local Music School.

Record Deals followed, and then a band that toured Europe, America, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Pakistan and most of the UK!

Once settled in Cyprus, Dave wrote Music for all types of Media.

N.B.Music was established in Cyprus in 2004 with a self contained Studio set in a scenic village environment.

We have worked with The Cyprus Tourist Organisation and Paphos TV amongst many others and can provide composition for all Media including Corporate Promotion, Animation, Documentaries, Advertising and Film.

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