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Wednesday 01/02/2017


Within the motto of 'Linking Continents - Bridging Cultures' the Programme includes more than 150 projects. Pafos will host original multicultural productions in open spaces, inviting co-operation between local and foreign creators and communities across the island and building bridges between Pafos and the rest of the world. There is far more than music taking place! Photographic installations, art exhibitions, theatrical performances and cinematic events plus cultural activities and more!

There are three basic Programme lines: MYTH AND RELIGION, WORLD TRAVELLERS and STAGES OF THE FUTURE plus a fourth category, THE TRAVELLING STAGE. These themes all work together and support each other.

The Programme is available from the Pafos2017 Headquarters at 55 Griva Digeni St, 8047 Pafos (used to be District Administrator's offices). Also by mobile download. Tel: 26932017.

Nitbats will only be listing live music events below, under the Programme Line headings. Please note that events are summarised here and full details are to be found in the Programme. Also that this is a 'page in progress' as there is a huge amount of information to yet be input. Events have been lister as per the Programme publication lay-out.

PROGRAMME LINE: 'MYTH AND RELIGION' includes the sub-headings:


Focusing on the rich history and mythology of Pafos. With the myth of Aphrodite and Pafos's reputed place as the 'navel of the world' where heaven and earth were said to meet. Rituals, mysteries and sacred sites, religious beliefs all require creativity and faith to form them. Together with the story of Pygmalion and local legends, they meet collectively in the modern thinking found in Pafos2017 City of Culture where all the contrasting elements are shown to support art and life.


'Includes works which connect to the primordial moment of mankind and to the primordial separation - between heaven and earth, between words and objects, between man and woman between man as a being of flesh and blood and man as a divine being of creation' - a traumatic separation. The artists contribute to looking at the way in which all limitations can be overcome in order that Heaven and Earth are unified.

Musical Events include:

12 - 13 May - LYSISTRATA from 8.30pm at Pafos Archaeological Park/The house of Aion. Supported by the Folkwang University of the Arts, Germany and the Goethe Institute, Cyprus:

An international production offering a different, fresh and surprising approach to Aristophanes' comedy featuring actors from different troubled lands: Cyprus, Brazil and Nigeria. The central themes are war and peace and the actors bring their different experiences to the production, creating a dialogue between Africa, South America and Europe. Accompanied by a band of musicians from Germany and directed by Brian Michaels.

21 May - 30 Sept - ARCHAEOMUSICA from 8.30am - 7.30pm at the Visitor Centre, Pafos Archaeological Park at the Harbour. Organised by the European Music Archaeology Project and supported by the Department of Antiquities:

Inspired by the Roman music scenes depicted by the mosaics of Pafos. The Exhibition presents musical instruments using multimedia from pre-history to antiquity conveying the roots of European musical tradition. Interactive installations use 3D technology to render Hellenistic and Roman scenes. There will be a documentary about music and sounds now lost to modern times.

3 June - THE FESTIVITIES OF YERONISOS at Agios Georgios Port Pegeia/Yeronisos. Organised by the TLC School in Pegeia, archaeologists from New York University, the Nautical Club PISC and Pegeia Municipality:

Yeronisos is also know as Holy Island and thus a popular place for visitors throughout history. In 2016 excavations were completed with finds from the Ptolemaic period, with Ionic style architecture. Students, local people, archaeologists and others celebrate the completion of the excavation with lectures, tours and festive concerts related to Yeronisos. An international Sailing Competition is also planned to happen concurrently.

9 - 30 July - INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ANCIENT GREEK DRAMA from 9pm at Pafos Ancient Odeon. Organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation:

One of the most important festivals in Cyprus with performances of huge aesthetic value. Involving theatre groups from around the world, thus 'building bridges between countries and cultures, between innovation and the historical element, the modern and the Classical.'

14/15 July - GALATEA'S MYTHS from 8.30pm at Pafos Castle Sq.:

Considered 'pivotal to the the development of Pafos' identity' the myth of Galatea is a pattern for the Open Air Factory. Pygmalion has fallen in love with his sculpture Galatea and requests that Aphrodite brings her to life. Their union results in a son - Pafos. A performance from Dance Cyprus Company with choreography by Davide Bombana. With dancers from Cyprus and Italy. Accompanied by the Cyprus Youth Orchestra conducted by Yiorgos Kountouris. Additionally, Exhibitions and workshops will form part of an educational programme with the same title promoting dance in Cyprus.

23 July - BRIDGING LIFE AND DEATH from 8.30pm at Tombs of the Kings Archaeological site. Inspired by the exhibition 'Life of the Dead' organised by Moesgaard Museum and the Society of Cyprus Studies. With a tour through the archaeological site where 'the silence of the dead is perceived as the music accompanying life'. The tour concludes with a guitar recital by Timotheos Stylanides and story telling by Maria Andreou in the theird emblematic tomb. Mysticism will bridge 'ancient themes with universal realities related to life and death'. Creativity through the performances 'perceive death not just as a fait accompli or a tragedy, but as an affirmation of life'.

8 August - FROM MYCENAE TO PAFOS from 8.30pm at Museum of Noting/Maa Palaiokastro, Coral Bay (near Thalassa Boutique Hotel). A collaboration with Avantgarde Cultural Foundation, Cyprus. A main aim of The Open Air Factory is to 'highlight spaces inextricably linked to the history of Pafos'. The Museum of Nothing - the Museum of the Mycanaean Colonisation of Cyprus is situated in the archaeological site of Maa - Palaiokastro. Musical concert by Cypriot Composer Savvas Savva about the Mycenaean settlers here underlines the historical value of the site. With piano, percussion - bells, xylophone, drums etc. The unusual acoustics of the built space will resonate in a unique manner.

16 September - CASSANDRE from 8.30pm at Pafos Castle Square. Opera based on work by Christa Wolf. Set at 'the moment just before Cassandra, defeated by gods and people alike, falls in to the hands of the Achaeans'. She is from Troy and tells her story of suffering as a child, a lover, a prisoner and a woman. Director: Herve Loichemoi. Compser: Michael Jarrell. Cassandra: Fanny Ardant from France performs exquisitely. The Commandaria Orchestra directed by Francis Guy. Set and Light Design: Seth Tillett. Costume Design: Nicole Rauscher. Conductor: Jean Deroyer. Produced by the Comedie de Geneve and first presented at the Grand Opera d'Avignon.

15 & 16 December - PAGKOSMION ASMA (UNIVERSAL SONG) from 8.30pm at the Markideion Theatre, Pafos. Theatrical production on a work by a former Mayor of Pafos, Christodoulos Galatopoulos. Produced by the Cyprus University Theatrical Workshop (THEPAK). Pafos2017 honours Mr Galatopoulos and wishes 'to bring forth the spiritual activity of the city in the first half of the 20th Century'. A venture that 'successfully indicates the island's contribution to modern Greek literature'. Dramaturgy: Michalis Pieris, Stamatia Laoumtzi. Music: Christos Pittas. Set and costume design: Stavros Antonopoulos.


Following on from the theme of re-unification is the theme of union and marriage represented by the Goddess of love Aphrodite. She is the 'goddess, mother, lover, elderly woman, mother of gods, personification of the island of Cyprus as a whole, Pafos in its ancient and contemporary state'. The theme explores feminity as a 'creative and life-giving force' and the 'otherness' of the female. 'the Woman as well as the projects ... make it possible for others to reveal their true self, to break down the boundaries that separate us from the 'other' restoring the freedom to express the darkest and most hidden - which is also the driving force of creativity'.

Musical Events Include:

20 May - ONE TOUCH OF VENUS AND MORE from 8.30pm at Pafos Castle Square. In collaboration with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation. Highlighting the work of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht, music and poetry. Starring Ute Lemper. With ballads and music from 'The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny' and 'The Threepenny Opera. A performance dedicated to the myth of Aphrodite and the passion of love. Cyprus Symphony Orchestra conducted by Yiorgos Kountouris.

14 June - APHRODITE'S GARDENS from 8.30pm at Ancient Odeon Pafos, near harbour. Dance, images and poetry accompanied musically by Duo Akamas tour the audience around Aphrodite's Gardens with stories, images and scents of her birthplace. Melodies by Astor Piazzolla and Jules Massenet mix with traditional songs. Dramaturgy, performance and direction: Pavlina Flevotoma, Music, Orchestration and performance: Nikolas Kyriakou and Lasorias Keramides who are Duo Akamas. Plus participation by a Children's Theatre Workshop.

28 - 30 July - THE TRUTH ABOUT VENUS from 8.30pm and 10.30 pm at an empty swimming pool (location not stated). An original composition based on interviews with Pafos people - residents, migrants and visitors. An investigation of the beauty of the Pafos area aiming to trace 'the secret substance of beauty, located in faces, landscapes, animals and everyday activities'. Drawing on work of theatre company Rimini Protokoll, Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis and musical 'London Road' by the National Theatre (UK). Aiming to bring form 'through drama and music to the concept of beauty in stories and myths'. George Rodosthenous, Professor at Leeds University combines his academic career with his work as an award winning artist in cinematograph, theatre and music. Music: Dimitris Zavros. Writer: Stergios Mavrikis. Costume designer: Michalis Christodoulou. Choreography: Ricardo Meneghini.


Concluding this programme line by highlighting the site of Petra Tou Romiou, Aphrodite's Rock and Pafos Ancient Odeon. A point where Cyprus's history 'meets the Saracen pirates, the medieval poetry of the Akrites and its most famous hero Digenis Akritas, the legendary imprint of a hand in the Pentadactylos mountain range and its frightful stories connected to the many invasions of Cyprus'. Also the arrival of Aphrodite from the sea (another traveller to Cyprus) and the wonderful drama of the myths of ancient Greece alsongside modern Greek poetry and drama. Language, images, dance and music will be combined under a dome of moon and stars that extends further than Paphos to cover the world 'alluding to the unification of Heaven and Earth'. Paphos's place as 'nostos' (the Greek theme of a hero's return home), refuge and safe harbour is embraced.

10 June - VLADIMIR & VOVKA ASHKENAZY from 8.30pm at Pafos Ancient Odeon, Pafos Harbour. A collaboration with Avantgarde Cultural Organisation. Recital for two pianos with Vladimir Ashkenazy and son Vovka. Vladimir is probably the most significant maestro and pianist over the last six decades in the world. International repertoire with major works.

4 August - MUSIC WITHOUT BORDERS from 8.30pm at Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite's Rock). Accordes Guitar Ensemble (9 guitars and a contrabass) present a programme with music written for guitars plus covers of famous pieces from Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Latin America and traditional Cypriot melodies adapted by Evagoras Karageorgis. With a theme of Eros-Love-Beauty. There will be other musical instruments played and singer Pavlina Constantopoulou will perform. By Evagoras Karageorgis and Zoi Paisanou-Marcou.

4 August - SECOND LIFE from 10pm at Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite's Rock). The unique and beautiful voice of Eleftheria Arvanitaki performs ancient and modern Greek Poetry from Sappho, Maria Polydouri, Kostas Karyotakis, Napoleon Lapathiotis and Odysseus Elytis plus Cypriot traditional songs. The performance is based on poetry, sung in a beautiful location associated with love. Orchestration: Alexandros Drakos Ktistakis, Musicians: Giorgos Georgiades (bass), Alexandros Drakou Ktistakis (drums), Yiannis Kyrimkyrides (piano), Nikos Mermigkas (lafta, bouzouzouki, laouto, mandolin), Dimitris Tsakas (Saxophone).

5 August - THE MEDITERRANEAN MEETS THE BALKANS from 8.30pm at Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite's Rock). The Amalgamation Project is a musical journey through the Mediterranean and the Balkan musical traditions. Traditional songs and original compositions also with short narrations and poetry recitals. Celebrating the musicality of the human voice includes polyphonic songs sung 'a cappella' by female vocal group Amalgamation Choir, using voice and simple accessories which add surprising and original sound effects to their excellent performance. Vocals, research, compositions: Vasiliki Anastasiou, Guitar, orchestration: Ermis Michael Ney: Alkis Agathokleous. Percussion intruments: Rodos Panayiotou. Cello: Pavlos Carvalho. Vocals: Argyro Christodoulou and Evri Dimitriou

5 August - WEDDINGS AND FUNERALS - GORAN BREGOVIC from 10pm at Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite's Rock). At this location Aphrodite rules as goddess of love and the dead. Goran Bregovic, world famous musician, builds a world of unique sounds and music bringing contrasting elements together. His orchestra is much influenced by Balkan tradition and is famous for the brass instrumental section and traditional Bulgarian polyphones, electric guitar and traditional percussion instruments, string instruments and the influences from Orthodox and Roman Catholic hymns and Muslim prayers.

12 August - FROM ODYSSEY TO C.P. CAVAFY from 8.30pm at Pafos Ancient Odeon, Pafos Harbour. Poetry of Cavafy with its nostalgia for a human voice lost is approached musically by Thodoris Economou illuminating man's passions and faults. Drawing on Robert Wilson's Odyssey, the music takes one to the myth of Ulysses and the themes of passion, bravery, home-coming. Keywords 'Destination' and 'Ulysses' focus on Cavafy's 'Ithaca' where Director Giorgos Kimoulis opens his performance before the music takes over.

PROGRAMME LINE: WORLD TRAVELLERS - includes sub-headings:



A storyline within the subheadings ranges from a celebration of tastes to the celebration of narration. Projects under this sub-heading record stories from foreign and local cultures brought to Pafos, a sanctuary over time to the nomads of the world, connecting travellers from East to West. Migrants and immigrants all have stories. Pafos is shown to be a place of 'nostos' - a refuge and homecoming from the sea.

Musical Events include:

June 2017 - INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CONTEMPORARY DANCE from 8.30pm at Attikon/Markideion Theatre. Supported by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and representatives of foreign countries in Cyprus:

The biggest dance-related event in Cyprus organised b y the Cultural Services of the inistry of Education and Culture, Rialto Theatre and foreign representatives. In 2017 the Festival opens in Pafos with a major production followed by other European and International productions.

25 June - COMPAGNIE RETOURAMONT - AERIAL DANCERS from 8.30pm at Pafos Castle Sq. Supported by the French Institute in Cyprus:

The work Danse des Cariatides takes place up in the air in front of the Medieval Castle. Using movement, lights and sound to transform the exterior of the Castle, a location for which it was designed. Artistic Director Fabrica Guillot choreographed the performance using fields of expression in mid-air, between buildings and bodies. Vertical dancing is combined with acrobatics transforming space.

30 June - YAMATO TAIKO DRUM ENSEMBLE - CHOUSOUSHA from 7pm & 9pm at 28th October Sq. Supported by EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee:

Drums, rhythm and colours of the Far East plus the Samurai tradition come to Pafos creating the atmosphere of the country of the Rising Sun. Taiko means drum and the ancient Japanese art of percussion instruments. This group of drummers offer much more than a simple Taiko performance. Explosive energy, physical strength, absolute co-ordination and dance. Dozens of traditional Japanese drums such as the Uchiwa-daiko and huge Odaiko. An open 'fun workshop' will take place before the concert.

September - KYPRIA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2017 - various locations in Pafos. Organised by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture:

Kypria is the largest state-organised performing arts festival in Cyprus. With the motto of 'Linking Continents - Bridging Cultures' it invites important performances of music, dance and theatre to take place all over Cyprus with Pafos2017 highlighted as the European Capital of Culture for Cyprus.

1,2,3 Sept - THE ABDUCTION FROM THE SERAGLIO - OPERA from 8pm at Pafos Castle Sq. Produced by the Pafos Aphrodite Festival, Cyprus:

Mozart's Opera of 1782 was written at a time of more tolerance between cultures. Written in German in the spirit of the Singspiel and similar to the French opera comique. A libretto based on the play by Christoph Friedrich Bretzner placed in the seraglio of the Pasha Selim where Belmonte kidnaps Constanza. A story of love, courage and forgiveness with a cheerful and optimistic air. With the participation of Cypriot and foreign artists.

November 2017 - TERPSICHORE 2017 - CONTEMPORARY DANCE at Pafos Urban Centre. Supported by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Terpsichore programme supports the creation and production of choreographies in Cyprus and will be part of Pafos2017. With contemporary dance performances in the urban landscape of Pafos to transform places associated with abandonment and loss, from past to present, into stages for the shows.


Nostos '- the homecoming from the sea - ... the Programme line 'World Travellers' concludes with an exploration of water, as the primary element of existence, as well as the connecting element for people in marine navigation'. The Mediterranean, was once called Mare Nostrum. This theme is about the 'complex and ever-changing network of relationships and interconnections' relating to that sea. There is a continuous theme between the sub-headings, as in all the groups, this one concludes this Programme line with a look at the issues of 'reunification and finding of common ground'.

Musical Events include:

8 - 9 April - MIND YOUR STEP - from 2pm - 4pm and 4.30pm - 6.30pm at the City Centre. In collaboration with Dance Culture Cyprus and the Limassol Dance Centre. Partners from Europe & Cyprus collaborate with the Limassol Dance Centre connecting contemporary dance and urban space with events focusing on dance and its effect on society. Artists and Scientists' symposium for looking at urban landscape with a series of shows in the Pafos centre, presenting the choreography of the city. Giulia Galvan presents work which offers new insights into new or unexplored spaces.

22 April 2017 - OUT OF THE SKIN from 8pm at Technopolis20 Cultural Centre, Kato Pafos. A group of artists, educators, dancers and other specialists from a range of countries have selected 16 teenagers from different origins (Turkey, Greece, Africa, Russia, etc) and from varying social backgrounds. They will be asked to interact to produce collective creations and artworks to be presented in a performance and exhibition. An educational and social project for migrant children whereby they look at their collective diversity and identity which is an important part of today's multicultural society.

1 May 2017 - BERLIN PHILHARMONIC from 12 noon at Pafos Castle Square. In collaboration with and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, the German Embassy in Cyprus and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation. One of Europe's greatest orchestras. One of Europe's greatest orchestras. Since 1991 the Orchestra's Annual European Concert has been organised on 1 May, broadcast live to many European & Asian countries & streamed globally. Conductor: Mariss Jansons, previously Artistic Director of the Vienna Philharmonic. An accolade for Pafos and a significant contribution to the themes of the Programme also signifying the status of the city as Capital of Culture.

May - September - MUSIC TOGETHER!:
13 May from 10.30 am at Propylaia
4 June from 10.30 am at St Catherine's Archaeological Place
22 July from 10.30 am at Kato Vrysi Geroskipou
23 Sept from 10.30 am at Mouttalos Caves

Community Involvement looking at the 'neighbourhood' as a core of social cohesion, a concept that is less strong in modern times. To help bring back the importance of 'neighbourhood', Pafos2017 aims to encourage the use of parks, spaces and backyards by local people. Professional musicians and amateurs will encourage people to meet up through music in these areas. Aiming to unite people and social groups through social interaction in their local spaces.

24 June - THE BRIDGE OF MUSIC from 8.30pm at Tala Amphitheatre. With Cyprus Symphony Orchestra hosting guest artists with a varied and rich music programme on the theme of 'Linking Continents - Building Bridges'. Bridges between cultures and communities are creasted through music. Conductor: Ali Hoca with soloists: Charis Hatzigeorgiou (violin) and Esra Pourazogiou Alpan (piano). Demonstrating that all boundaries can be conquered with the power of the arts.

12 - 13 July - SPATIAL COUNTERPOINT from 8.30pm at Pafos Centre. In collaboration with the Department of Dance of the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, Germany. With 3 contemporary dance performances to be held in unusual and non-theatre outdoor spaces. Internationally acclaimed choreographers and dancers from Cyprus join their creative forces. The choreographers will work with other partners and volunteers, taking inspiration from the spaces. Two shows deal with the revitalisation through dance of the city centre and interactions of indviduals and social groups. Participants are also from Slovenia, Finland, Cyprus and Norway.

26 - 27 August - TRADITIONAL ROUTES from 7.30pm - 10.30pm at 28th October Square. Community involvement. Traditional sounds fill 2 days, with images and flavours from the folklore of Cyprus, Pontus, the Mediterranean Sea and other European Capitals of Culture. With shadow theatre, traditional games, fairy tales and displays of tools, musical instruments, food and wine. Organised by the 'Ktima' Folklore Assoication including music and dance ensembles with foreign residents and a folklore group from the Basque Country.

22 September - ALKINOOS IOANNIDIS - KARINE POLWART CYPRUS YOUTH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA from 8.30pm at Pafos Castle Square. Two artists with a lyrical and original approach with wider social and philosophical connotations. Karine is from Scotland and the stage will be filled with Cypriot, Greek and Celtic sounds plus the participation of the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra; fulfilling the motto 'Linking Continents - Bridging Cultures'

18 March, 22 April, 10 May - LET'S MOVE! in Pafos. In collaboration with the folklore groups: Pafos, Ktima, Ieroi Kipoi, Konia, Romiosini, Kastro, Koili, Sta Achnaria tis Paradoseis, Aphrodite Panayia. The project combines social participation with artistic creation. Dance schools and groups join in large dance formations involving the city's residents and visitors. Aiming to create a vast dance floor in a vibrant city, with rhythm bringing together social groups, traditional and contemporary dance, music groups and orchestras. In collaboration with Dance Culture Cyprus. The Cie. W. Dorner Dance Co. performs 'Bodies in Urban Spaces' supported by the Austrian Embassy.

28 November 2017 - INVITATION TO CYPRIOT COMPOSERS - from 8.30pm at the Markideion Theatre. In collaboration with the Centre of Cypriot Composers. Composers are invited from Cyprus to produce musical works drawing on the Open Air Factory and its motto 'Linking Continents - Bridging Cultures' and the Programme line themes. Six works will be performed as part of the closing ceremony of the European Capital of Culture.

1 - 15 December - SALON D'AUTOMNE INTERNATIONAL IN PAFOS from 10am - 1pm & 4pm - 7pm at En Plo Gallery (harbour area) and Palia Ilektriki (Old Market area near Kennedy Sq.). In collaboration with and supported by the French Institute. Held annually in the Autumn, the Salon d'Automne (founded in 1903) is an important historical exhibition, part of which travels abroad. Brought to Pafos by the French Institute and linking the European Capital of Culture with Paris. Nima Saekechik (piano) and Herve Sika (dance) will be present. Curator: Michele Julie Ansermet Papadopoulos.

26 - 28 May - MEDITERRANEAN MUSIC TRADITIONS at Kato Vrysi, Geroskipou. In collaboration with En Chordais (Thessaloniki). A series of events over 3 days celebrating the musical traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean, neighbouring countries and their impact on contemporary music. Sharing musical experiences connect people across cultures, mentalities and language in the spirit of the motto 'Linking Continents - building bridges'. The five concerts have musicians from Greece, France, Northern Italy, Israel, Syria, Iran and Spain. Curator: Kyriakos Kalaitzides.:

1. CYPRIOT KALEIDOSCOPE from 8pm at Kato Vrysi, Geroskipou
Four energetic and very promising musicians represent modern Cypriot music: Yiannis Koutis, (oud, fretless guitar, vocals with Byzantine & Arabic themes), Alkis Agathokleous (ney, Middle Eastern long flute - one of the oldest instruments still being played), Nikolas Tryphonos (contrabass) and Rodos Panagiotou (percussion) with a unique sound with their particular rhythm. Original and traditional music showcases the richness of Cypriot music and character of Mediterranean music. Artistic Director: Yiannis Koutis.

2. FAWAZ BAKER ENSEMBLE (Syria), from 9.30pm at Kato Vrysi. From Aleppo which was an emblematic landmark for the Arabic music world and a crossroads of musical tradition and idioms with elements from Byzantine, Arabic, Persian, Armenian and Ottoman traditions - before the war! Their repertoire includes adaptations of a wide range of compositions from the mystical traditions of the East. The musicians have now sought refuge in Europe. Khaled Hafezal (percussion/vocals), Tarek Syedal (oud), Tamam Ramadan (ney) and Fawaz Baker (bass).

3. LO COR DO LA PLANA (France), from 8pm at Kato Vrysi, Geroskipou. In collaboration with and supported by the French Institute in Cyprus. From Provence, Southern France, an amazing vocal ensemble also using percussion instruments. Singing only in Occitan brought by migrants from former French colonies in the Caribbean and Africa. Described by Le Monde as 'an ensemble with crazy energy and a unique, intoxicating power'. Highly acclaimed by audiences across Europe. Vocal artists: Manu Theron, Benjamin Novarino-Giana, Sebastien Spessa, Denis Sampieri and Rodin Kauffman.

4. FLAMENCO ROOTS (Spain) from 9.30pm at Kato Vrysi, Geriskipou. Composer and percussionist Sergio Martinez presents a night of Flamenco inspired by Andalusian tradition from over a thousand years. Four great artists from this genre perform a sensitive, emotional and intense dance with exaltation and huge energy. Ancient elements of Mediterranean music and dance traditions combine with modern forms of performance and composition. Dani de Moron (guitar), Rafael de Uterna (vocals), Nino de los Reyes (dance), Sergio Martinez (percussion and Artistic Director).

5. EXILE (Greece, Cyprus, Iran) from 8pm at Kato Vrysi, Geroskipou. The history of 'exile' is a long and painful one for many individuals from many cultures, throughout history, with refuge the hope ahead. Kyriakos Kalaitzides, composer and artistic director of the ensemble En Chordais is a very important researcher of the Mediterranean music tradition. He is a from a refugee family from the Pontus and Cappadocia and therefore has a deep experience of exile which he brings to create an enchanting fusion of Eastern and Western music, with sensitivity and virtuosity. Kyriakos Petras (violin), Kyriakos Kalaitzides (oud, vocals), Drosos Koutsokostas (vocals,lute), Alkis Zopoglou (qanun), Petros Papageorgiou (percussion, bendir), Kiya Tabassia (from Iran - setar), Giorgos Kokkinakis (piano), Leonidas Palaskas (sound engineering). With the participation of the Commandaria Orchestra conducted by Francis Gay.

PROGRAMME LINE: STAGES OF THE FUTURE - Includes the sub-headings:


The culmination of the journey 'through which people travel to modern day Pafos and the image of the city itself that becomes the destination'.

'The artistic activities ... refer to the current problems or challenges that Pafos and its people face, the rapid technological advancement, the city's multicultural character, migration and the flow of refugees as well as the peaceful co-existence between ..... Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots'.

The point of reference for this programme line is Ithaca ... the final destination is not reached upon Ulysses' arrival ... but only after his re-unification with Penelope.'

'The unification of heaven and earth, words and things, man and woman, the inner self and the world are proved to be every day and continuous practices, just like any celebration should be.'

- 'RESPONDING TO NOW' - 'Dedicated to heritage and legacy of Pafos ... a series of projects that attempt to outline the profile of a world under constant transformation... the uncertainty of today is balanced by the stability of the past'. How we make sense of today which can be difficult whilst living inside it. The myths and legend of the city are not necessarily experienced by visiting artists rather the 'powerful everyday life' of Pafos in the here and now.

Musical Events Include:

12 - 19 March KIRANA (13 - 16 March - Workshops, 18 March - Performance) at A'Lyceum Archbishop Makarios III, Pafos. Supported by the European Capital of Culture Valletta 2018 (Malta) and the Roberto Cimetta Fund. A collaboration between the European Capitals of Culture Pafos2017 and Valletta2018.

KIRANA aims to foster talented children from other European cities with guidance from Maltese composer/musician Ruben Zahra. The Pafos Music Gymnasium will be founded in 2017 and 4 artists are invited from Valletta for a 5 day workshop with its students giving them a chance to work with professional artists covering contemporary music, cartoon animation, dance, light engineering and puppet theatre. Participants: Christopher Gatt, Pamela Baldacchine Ken, Tricia Dawn Williams, Eleni Kypriano (conductor), Stavros Tsartsalis (co-ordinator) from the Pafos Music Gynmasium.

9 - 11 June - EUROPEAN MUSIC FORUM at Palia Ilektriki, Pafos. Organised by the European Music Council (EMC), the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC), the Ministry of Education and Culture, The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra and the Cyprus Music Information Centre.

European Music Forum will be hosted by Pafos in 2017. This will be the first time that EMC and IAMIC hold their annual conferences together. They join forces with their partners in Cyprus for a grand events with more than a hundred music associations convening on the island to cover all music genres and to exchange ideas for possible partnerships. EMC aims to present the relationship of music to universal ideas and fundamental human rights. There will be presentations by experts, panel discussions and opportunities for peer-to-peer learning. Various musical performances will take place.

9 - 10 August - THE RED HOUR from 8.30pm at Pafos Castle Square. A collaboration between the European Capitals of Culture Pafos2017 and Aarhus2017 (Denmark). This project draws inspiration from the past of the two cities and their many stories which are presented through dance. To be shown in both cities. Performed by 6 dancers from the Black Box dance group from Holstebro (Denmark) with collaboration from choreographers and 4 dancers from Cyprus. Idea and creation - Marie Brolin-Tani, choreography - Melody Putu and Fotis Nikolaou. Original music and performance by Gert Sorenssen. Lighting/design/projection - Karolina Spyrou.

- 'RE-LAUNCHING THE KHAN' - The Ibrahim Khan is a hidden venue that performers will re-discover in Pafos. The venue represents hospitality/exchange/transaction with its past as a trading venue. It becomes a place of cultural transaction between artists/performers and others re-launched as a cornerstone for the Open Air Factory, located in the centre of the old city. Here meetings, gatherings, presentations, film screenings, exhibitions and many other events will take place to promote social dialogue between institutions, citizens, artists and intellectuals. There will be a new Informational and Communication Centre created here. 'The Khan will once again become a hub of ideas, dialogue and cultural production.' Located close to Alfredou St (at the end) near Timothy's Art Bar and Craft cafe.

Musical Events include:

25 August 2017 - TRADITIONAL LULLABIES FROM CYPRUS, GREECE AND ASIA MINOR from 8.30pm at Ibrahim Khan. With Trio NeFto who focus on the 're-definition of lullabies from Cyprus, Greece and Asia Minor through a blend of traditional elements and those of contemporary classical music, funk, rock, jazz as well as samples of recorded lullabies'. Also they present an original song composed by George Rodosthenous and poet Aphroditi Zacharia-Rodosthenous.

17 September - JANUS - from 8.30pm at Ibrahim's Khan. Musical Animation based on Ibrahim's Khan history with musical adaptations, compositions for violin and cello, sound programming, animation screenings and installations. 'For this project the Khan acts as an allegory for the political and social reality and the co-existence between the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities it used to represent and the desire for this state of affairs to return.' Focusing on the Khan's transition from meeting point to deserted site and how it can be restored. Different techniques act as a metaphor for the hope that co-existence can take place between people of different backgrounds. Composer: Zacharias Moustakis, Violin: Chrysostomos Neophytou, Cello: Thibaut Verbe, Sound engineer: Vincent Rioux, Visuals: Yiannis Sakellis, Charalambos Margaritis. Animation: Charalambos Margaritis. Artistic Director: Chrysostomos Neophytou.

- 'RE-VISITING MOUTALLOS' - Moutallos was the core of the Turkish Cypriot community of Pafos and after 1974 was a refuge for Greek Cypriots fleeing the North. This area symbolises the 'open wound' of Cyprus with many challenges to creating a peaceful co-existence of the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities. It is an area in need of transformation after years of neglect. Artistic projects address the issues of the tragedy of war and refugees but further 'to a critical renegotiation of the national and cultural identity of Cypriots'. With performances, film screenings, storytelling, visual artworks and guided walking tours, the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 and the Home for Co-operation work together with universities and the Association for Historical Dialogue 'in an attempt to return to something much wider, urgent and critical and perhaps to the true self of the place (Pafos, Cyprus) and its people'.

Musical Events Include:

May/June - OPEN SCENE MOUTTALOS - Re-vitalised Mouttalos is a natural backdrop for open air events. A series of theatre productions and other events promote dialogue and co-existence with reference to the memories of the area. The Goethe Institute with Achim Wieland and Marios Ioannou organise events highlighting myths and narrations of a common past and how one community sees another. Curated by Sholeh Zahrael, a series of films about the Mediterranean region will be projected to try to view the world as others see it. On 28 June Cypriot singer Umut Albayark and a group of musicians present traditional/contemporary Cypriot and Mediterranean songs. In November art group Apus Apus (from Cyprus, England and Finland) stay in Mouttalos for a month creating events in art and cultural identity. Curated by Constantinos Achilleos and Alexia Achilleos.

20 - 24 September - COMING TOGETHER IN MOUTTALOS in collaboration with and supported by the Embassy of Austria in Cyprus and the United Nations. Artists trace the narrative of people from Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities. The area of Mouttalos belongs to neither but is where they co-reside. Installations by artists from both communities will connect past with present; trees will be planted, spaces re-lit, flowers planted in a theme of re-birth. Curator: Photographer Ercenc Mehmet Korkmarizel. Residents will join in activities aimed at bringing people closer. Bi-communal group of educators present music, songs and poetry. Exhibition of maps and stores by the Department of Architecture of the University of Nicosia. A cultural and narrative route will run through deserted buildings and monuments of Mouttalos, exploring its history and curated by Architects and Academics Angela K Petrou, Maria Hatzisoteriou and Sevina Floridou.

- 'RE-SHAPING THE URBAN' - in this last sub-category the 'programme of the Eropean Capital of Culture Pafos2017 attempts to restore the unity between Ano Pafos (Ktima - the upper part of town where mainly locals live) and Kato Pafos (the coastal area - with the most tourist facilities).' The 'void' between the settlements is an area 'Pafos2017 wants to bridge through the events, the works and the interventions designed to regain a sense of community belonging which has been lost'. A bridge has been designed to connect the Archaeological sites of the east and west of the harbour area with this purpose in mind. Pafos 'will re-connect with its own history and traditions, with Europe and the world and ultimately with itself' with an obvious effect on the lives of its residents and visitors.

Musical Events Include:

3 - 10 June - DON GNU from 8.30pm in Kennedy Square, Kato Pafos. A collaboration between the European Capitals of Culture Pafos2017, Aarhus2017 (Denmark) and the Dance House Limassol. Based in Aarhus, Denmark Don Gnu is a physical theatre/film and 'cutting edge' artistic collaboration focused on dance, video and physical theatre. With direct, expressive and very physical language creating high audience impact. 'The constellation of both the individual and the collective creates the dynamism, experimentation and development-basis for the ideas that are the hallmark of Don Gnu productions'. Artistic Directors: Jannik Elkaer, Kristoffer LA Pedersen and Christoffer Brekne. A large-scale installation will be created for the event 'shattering the boundaries between genres and opening new ways of artistic expression and cultural production.


Whereby 'Pafos2017 and its artistic team have decided to employ the most universal of the arts - music - as a guarantor of unity (like Ariadne's thread) stitching and weaving, collaging together the diffrerent parts of the Programme.'

'The Travelling Stage is a platform that acts as an introduction, a postscript and a chorus to all the elements that make up the programme'. Concerts and varied musical events travel to villages around Pafos and further afield. From the music traditions of Cyprus and the Mediterranean, Arabic sounds and European Classical music, featuring artists of many calibres and inviting the audience to become 'actively engaged' in the events of Pafos2017.


2 April - The Akathistos Hymn from 8pm at Agia Kyriaki Church:

The choir of the Pafos Music Group, conducted by Sotiris Karagiorgis and the choir of Aris Limassol conducted by Solon Kladas, present this masterpiece of Byzantine hymns with music by Christos Leontis.

18 April - Per-Sonat: Meramere, from 8pm at St Paul's Pillar:

Codex Cyprus is a collection of secular and religious works by an unknown artist dating from around 1413 AD. One of few Medieval manuscripts of this kind of music and showing the religious and secular aspects, thereby highlighting similarities between text and music.

19 April - J.S. Bach: Looking towards the East and the West, from 8pm at St Paul's Pillar:

The concert highlights the importance of the Byzantine (East) and the Catholic (West) tradition in the evolution of European music. It revolves around the Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach (Trio String) combined with hymns and improvisations.

21 - 22 April - PHILHARMONIC ENCOUNTERS from 8pm at Attikon/Kennedy Square:

The Philharmonic Orchestra of the Pafos Municipality together with the Philharmonic Band of the Cyprus Police, the Cypriot National Guard, the Municipality of Lakatamia and the Matzaros Philharmonic Society of Corfu celebrate band music. The public will also be invited to participate in the CinePhilharmonic programme which combines cinema with music played by marching bands. Clips from films will be screened while the bands will be playing, giving the audience a unique experience.

20 & 30 April - JAZZ ENCOUNTERS IN PAFOS from 8pm at Ibrahim's Khan (Market area):

Musicians from Cyprus and abroad come together and set off on a shared adventure to establish an annual celebration with all different kinds of music all creating a big, melodic, rhythmical mosaic.

6 May - SONGS OF TRAVELLERS from 8pm at Pafos Castle Square:

Migration is linked with nostalgia, the pain of separation and the longing to return home. These are manifested in songs and music world-wide. The Music Schools of Cyprus present stories from travellors, leaving home, those who wish to return and those who were left behind. Conductor: Socrates Terpizis.

7 May - SOMETHING IN THE AIR from 8pm at Chloraka Amphitheatre:

Paphos Zingers choir is a multi-cultural group. These World Travellers celebrate diversity, reflecting the journeys of those whom enjoy Pafos, highlighting the dimension of multiculturalism and the welcoming nature of Pafos through songs and rhythms that involve the audience.

24 May - OFFICINA ZOE from 8.30pm at 28th October Sq.:

Officina Zoe is a music ensemble founded in the early 1990's and their music speaks for labour, love and soica and political protest and how these are manifested in Southern Italy. They were the first to work with the rhythm called 'Pizzica' ('tarantula dance') showcased in Edoardo Winspeare's films. They will present traditional songs using local instruments and original songs.

15 June - THE MOUNTAIN AND THE TREE from 8.30pm in Mouttalos:

Musicians Stratis Psaradellis, Murar Aydemir and Christos Barbas from Greece and Turkey highlight common musical traditions of both countries, with touches of new elements and contemporary music.

23 June - CHOIR ENCOUNTERS from 8.30pm at Attikon. Supported by EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee:

Pafos sings out. Vocal ensembles and choirs from Cyprus and abroad participate in a celebration of music from different countries and cultures. The Municipality of Pafos organises the Cyprus Choir Festival with Sotiris Karagiorgis as Artistic Director. A choir from Japan has been invited to participate.

23 June - VOICES OF THE WORLD AT SINTI MONASTERY from 8.30pm at Monastery Panagia tou Sinti. Supported by the communities of Salamiou, Kelokedara, Pentalia and Agia Marina Kelokedaron:

The Voices of the World travel to the silent and serene Monastery of Sinti, a house of prayer holding images, sounds and memories from the past. Theodosia Roussou and her musicians breath life into the deserted monastery, with songs from Cyprus, Greece and other Mediterranean and European countries, Mexico and the US.

27 July - CYPRUS RHYMES OF LOVE from 8.30pm at Polemi, 30 July at Kallepeia, 2 August at Pegeia. The spaces in the venues are linked to each other through, historical, archaeological and aesthetic properties. The poetry of famous Cypriot folk poets is turned in to drama celebrating the joy, hardships and passions of love. Artistic Director: Chryso Charalambous, Orchestration: Michalis Kouloumis, Performance: Elena Hatziafxenti, Musicians: Michalis Kouloumis, Thodoris Ziarkas and Yiannis Koutis.

29 July - LUZ CASAL from 8.30pm at Pafos Castle Sq. A famous Spanish music star with millions of released records, who has won many awards and prizes including the Goya Award. She constantly experiments with new genres and has worked with many important artists. Luz is in concert with her show 'The Diva of the Iberian' as she is referred to, singing songs that celebrate life and love accompanied by an orchestra of great soloists. Songs include Piensa en Mi and Un Ano de Amor and all have unique melodies of bolero, tango and flamenco.

19 August - MISIA - THE SOUL OF FADO from 8.30pm at Pafos Ancient Odeon. Fado music is a distinct music type from Portugal and Misia is one of the best performers of the genre. She is from a musical family, born in Portugal and took her name from Misia Cert muse to Stephane Mallarme and friend of Proust and Picasso, model for Toulouse Lautrec and Pierre Bonnard. Misia combines traditional poems with new material in the style of contemporary Fado. Her most recent album refers to Amalia Rodrigues, the eternal soul of Fado.

26 August - LINGUA FRANCA ENSEMBLE from 8.30pm at 28th October Sq., Pafos. Comprising musicians from Cyprus, Greece and Germany who create a visual landscape through which the musical traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean meet. Using instruments such as a Tarhu - a fiddle developed 10 years ago, Violin, Oud and Percussion, all supported with amazing vocals. Linga Franca Ensemble compose and perform music capturing the character of local traditions and music. Expressive intensity and joyful drive create a euphoric and emotional journey. Michalis Cholevas (Greece) - Tarhu, Yayli Tambur, Ney, Michael Kouloumis (Cyprus) - Violin, Yiannis Koutis (Cyprus) - Oud, fretless Guitar, Vocals, Ruven Ruppik (Germany) - percussion.

30 August - 3 September - FIVE PIANOS, FIVE DAYS, FIVE PLACES, respectively at - 28th October Sq., - Pegeia, - Geroskipou Sq., - Makariou Ave. (Pafos), - Pafos Castle Sq. In collaboration with the Avantgarde Cultural Foundation. Five pianos exhibited over five days at five locations. Amounting to 2,017 minutes of music with a travelling interactive installation. Pianists, students and the general public can test and play the pianos. Day 1: Exhibition of pianos at Pafos Town Hall Square and then travelling to the locations specified above.

2 September - PIANO STREET - FIVE STEPS INTO THE FUTURE - from 8.30pm at Makariou Avenue, Pafos. Here the pianos will be placed along Makarios Ave and the audience can move from one to the next. Pianists: Marianna Georgiou, Pantelitsa Socratous, Andreas Karagiorgis, Maria Avraam and Cleo Papadia perform pieces written in the last 50 years for solo piano. Curator: Christina Athinodorou. Programme includes works by Cypriot and European composers still living and considered classics in their own time.

20 September - SONGS WITHOUT BORDERS from 8.30pm at Tala Amphitheatre. Much loved International Cypriot songwriter and singer Vakia Stavrou (based in Paris) sings songs in many languages full of colour, feeling, light and vivid imagination. She has worked with Carlos Bernardo and the Theatre du Soleil and Toda Via, great percussionist Inor Sotolongo and Cypriot cellist Stelios Pittas.

23 September - THE KHOURY ENSEMBLE - FROM EAST TO WEST from 8.30pm at the Medieval Manor House, Kouklia. Music of the East with other elements performed by three musicians and brothers, whom are considered top musicians of their generation. Their music is underpinned with the great tradition and heritage of Arabic oriental music mixed with contemporary music. With Oud, Flute, Ganun and Violin, Flamenco, Celtic, Indian and Jazz. They have appeared in Europe, the Arab world, Africa and many other countries and are held in high accolade. They have worked with eminent composers and performers.

26 September - OMAR FARUK TEKBILEK - FROM EAST TO WEST from 8.30pm at the Medieval Manor House, Kouklia. For the last 30 years 'One of the greatest personalities of oriental music and one of the most charismatic musicians of the Mediterranean', combining contemporary elements from musical idioms with a deep seated traditional approach. Religious mysticism, tradition, romance and imagination inspire Tekbilek who works with musicians from different cultures and countries. He considers himself 'a messenger of peace'. Greek and Cypriot musicians participate too.

29 September - OREKA TX - FROM EAST TO WEST from 8.30pm at the Medieval Manor House, Kouklia. A collaboration between the European Capitals of Culture Pafos2017 and Donostia/San Sebastian2016 (Spain). A Basque music ensemble, formed in 2001, who use the Txlaparta (a Basque xylophone made of wood or stone) not only as a musical instrument but a link to the audience. Music, rhythm and form are explored beyond the Basque tradition. Members: Harkaitz Martinez de San Vicente and Mikel Ugarte have previously won the Latin Grammy Award and have worked with musicians and bands from across the world.

30 September - JOSE MARIA JIMENEZ from 8.30pm at 28th October Sq., Pafos. A collaboration between the European Capitals of Culture Pafos2017 and Donostia/San Sebastian2016 (Spain) supported by the Cervantes Institute in Cyprus. A great Musician, virtuoso of Flamenco guitar, born in San Sebastian, Spain. Since the age of 16 he has participated with Emilio Maya in the most prestigious Flamenco School with Flamenco dancers and singers such as Chonchi Heredia, Titi Flores, El Lebrijano, Jose Merce, Potito, Mario Maya and Antonio Canales. Composer of music for the dancer Nuria Cazorla with flutist Omar Acosta and for the Flamenco Ballet Academy of Angela Cruz based on the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca. Jose Maria Jimenez's ensemble has musicians, singers and dancers presenting a tribute to great Guitarist Paco de Lucia along with a composition of Flamenco and Gypsy Jazz.

1 October - ZENTRALKAPELLE & WINDKRAFT BAND from 8pm at Pafos Castle Square. Two music ensembles join in a musical celebration. They played together originally in 2015 in Cyprus, worked together in Berlin and then performed again in Cyprus in 2016. A rich music programme includes sounds from Blasmusic, Funk and Pop songs, Latin and Traditional dances.

11 November - RE:MAINS from 8.30pm at Attikon. Audiovisual performance combining contemporary music and animation. Music concert by Composer Christina Athinodorou with first performance of 'Re:Mains for Multi-Pianist (2013-15)' performed by Pianist Annini Tsiouti, accompanied by the animation of Charalambos Margaritis. Small Chamber Ensemble with Soprano Margarita Elia present world premiere of Athinodorou's song collection 'Angel Inmenso'

17 November - MUSICAL BRIDGE OVER EUROPE from 8.30pm at the Markideion Theatre, Pafos. Be taken on a journey of traditional Greek and Cypriot music where East meets West. Written for Piano and Clarinet and performed by Czech Clarinetist Karel Dohnal and Cypriot Pianist Kyriacos Kyriacou.

24 November - MEETING OF TWO CULTURES from 8.30pm at the Markideion Theate, Pafos. Piannists Manolis Neophytou and Canan Kocaay Camurtas, different artists from Cyprus and Turkey join in a musical journey through works from Greek, Turkish and Russian Composers demonstrating 'that the power of music is stronger than our differences'. A concert that unites cultures.
Event Date(s):
Tuesday 14/03/2017
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